Cannabis Oil Distillate: A Different Kind of Concentrate

A drop of distillate sits perched on the edge of a dabbing tool. Taut like a raindrop, this viscus and opaque orb glimmers as it rests within the concave folds of titanium. Encased within this golden drop of goodness is a semi-translucent, 99% pure decarboxylated and distilled tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) sap. Dollar for dollar, this morsel of oil […]

Cannabis Extracts: The Science Behind Cannabinoid and Terpene Extraction Methods

Extraction is a simple process that has been used for centuries to create natural byproducts from many different types of plants. In short, the goal is to collect desirable compounds while leaving behind the undesirable compounds and unusable plant material. Within the world of extracts, there are many product types we’ve been familiar with for […]

Voters favoring new marijuana rules in San Bernardino, Riverside counties

Voters approved ballot measures to allow and tax cannabis in every Inland Empire city where it was on the ballot Tuesday, Nov. 6, except one. In San Bernardino County, voters approved measures to allow cannabis, tax it or both in Adelanto, Colton, Hesperia and San Bernardino. In western Riverside County, voters favored such measures in […]

Where does California’s recreational marijuana supply come from?

While outdoor grows abound in California’s adult-use market, the state’s supply of recreational cannabis is dominated by indoor and greenhouse producers in Santa Barbara and Humboldt counties. According to licensing data released by the California Department of Food and Agriculture, 1,192 of the 2,906 recreational cultivation licenses issued throughout the state – or 41% – […]